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Environmental Assessment & Remediation, Petroleum Exploration & Production, Groundwater & Storm Water Solutions

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Bays Group established as an investment company in 2005 as Bays Investment, Inc. and evolved into a small business providing geological, hydrogeological and engineering services in environmental assessment and remediation,  oil and gas exploration and development, soil and groundwater remediation, storm water compliance and management, and second opinion on remediation and petroleum exploration. We have team of professionals can be deployed anywhere to perform hands on field implementation, project management, technical consulting,  data gathering and analysis. We are organized under four divisions to serve our clients: 

Bays Environmental Remediation Management (BERM).  BERM is established in 2009 to provide environmental consulting and contracting services to private and public organizations in upper 48 States. BERM has qualified professionals including professional geologists (PG), engineers (PE),  hydrogeologist (CHG), SWPPP Developer/Practitioners (QSD/QSP), certified industrial hygienist (CIH) and toxicologist to serve our clients for their environmental challenges. BERM has the following contractor licenses: General (A) with Hazardous Material Removal (HAZ) certification, and Water Well Drilling (C57).

Bays Exploration and Production Group (BaysEnP). BaysEnP is formed by group of petroleum geologists and reservoir geologist and engineers to provide investor assistance and second opinion in petroleum exploration and development, recovery enhancements, evaluation of existing fields for infill drilling and additional recovery options, and assisting our clients in making right decision on enhanced recovery option including fracing, water flooding, scheduling and/or carbon dioxide/steam injection.

Vacuum Enhanced Recirculation (VacCirc(TM)): VacCirc(TM) is a service division of BERM, created to provide innovative vacuum stripping/recirculation and remediation services for soil and groundwater remediation of volatile organic compounds.


Interphase Environmental Drilling (IED):  BERM Joined forces with Interphase Environmental to provide direct push drilling, soil vapor implant installation, soil gas survey, direct push injection for in-situ chemical oxidation and in-situ bioremediation. IED injection services comprised of state of the science injection methods, pumps, valves and manifold to deliver optimum amount of remediation compounds so that an accelerated remediation of subsurface pollution is possible for real estate development. IED have variety of tools and rigs to work in tight spaces, basements, and utility rooms as well as golf courses, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Contact us for more information or to get a site specific cost estimate and proposal for our services.

Bays Group
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